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Products and Services

Our services range from systems auditing, internet consultancy , system provision among many more..

1.Domain Registration.
Domain registration this includes both Kenya domains (.ke’s) and others international domains such as (.com, .net, .net, .biz, .info, etc). Protect your business name today by registering its domain name. Have you ever heard of cyber squatting? At Softlink Chain we not only register domains but also manage them professionally to suit international standards. 

2. Reliable web hosting.
We also host corporate websites and any other online applications which provide our clients with 24 hr monitoring services and maintenance.we subscrible our sites to the site seer for weekly statistics on the performance of our websites that are freely available to our customers on request..

3. Email Hosting
For all organization in the 21st century email communication has become a very vital communication tool for both profit and non-profit organizational Softlink we give our clients the opportunity to communicate with emails at their own domain names of choice and we train our clients on the email management and guarantee unlimited bandwidth to enable email sending and receiving within their domain to be as fast as how the developed world experiences.

4. Softlink Chain CRM & CMS
Implementation and customization of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Content Management System (CMS). Our extensive CRM and CMS implementation experiences ensure that not only it works in tandem with your business, but also gives you a quantum leap over your competition.

5.Search Engine submission and Optimisation
Softlink after sale services to our customers entails free search engine submission and our web designers and architects ensure the web site captures all the relative keywords and relevant meta tags for search engine optimisation.Our specialised search engine optimisation tools gives our clients site a cutting edge rating on skeleton searches on major search engines like google,msn,Aol etc.

6. Intranet and Extranet Development
Design, implementation of client-specific Intranets & Extranets, beginning from needs assessment, procurement of necessary equipments, up to integration with existing systems. Company Intranet will facilitate migration of data across systems, integration of database systems with standard desktop application and management reporting over local and wide area environments.

7. Systems Auditing
Audit and Risk Management Assessment of corporate IT Systems, more so to online systems such as web servers. Culminating in preparation of action plan and hands on assistance to remedy identified risk areas as well as implementation of disaster prevention and recovery preparedness More..

8. Linux Hardening
All online systems are vulnerable in today's world of dynamic technology emerging all the time. What seemed to be secure yesterday its no more today. Linux hardening is vital process which organizations cannot afford to risk due to the raising number of crackers in the Internet as well as the new ways of compromising your systems being discovered each minute of your system lifetime. Our Linux hardening process will ensure that your system is secure, stable and reliable for a period of not less than 6 months

9.Dynamic and Static Website Development
Design, implementation of corporate websites to facilitate the needed linkage channel to the enormous marketing opportunity offered by the World Wide Web.

10. Data protection and recovery
All business executives worry about protecting their data. They know they need better backup and recovery options. Do you rely on local hard drive or traditional tape drives for data back-up? Softlink Chain data backup is the solution that protects your data 24/7/365. In case of any disasters our data backup and protection will provide you with both online and offline data recovery methodologies, real-time data replication and digital archiving.

11. Training and Education
Softlink is on the frontline to capture every valuable information that emerges and trickle the training to our partners and clients. We invest in training and education to ensure we give the best advice to business to enable informed decision making processes in business as one of our objectives to help our customers businesses in accelerating their expectations.

Softlink Chain Limited ,P.O Box 22878,00100,Nairobi,Kenya, Email to : info@softlink.co.ke